ANGRY PICKERS American Pickers people claim NO ONE cares about show anymore & slam it as a flop

PeopleĀ  of Angry Pickers American Pickers claim that “no one cares about the show anymore” and criticize it as a “flop” without fired star Frank Fritz.

American Pickers is now airing new episodes on Records/stories as part of the summer TV show, but not all longtime fans are in with the new episodes. This is mostly with the history series first firing Frank Fritz and replacing him with Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe. However, the longtime History host stayed out of the polls, (choosing to do something)stead to share posts about her and, of course, her other fellow road tripper, Francie.

Mike Wolfe has been busy sharing positive posts about personal life experiences or picking moments, often on Twitter and other social media. While the post itself was about talking with “AP Sims Fine Whiskey’s Flat,” below is an example of the type of response the reality star received.


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