Shiba Inu Price Analysis: SHIB price rises due to buyers, but bears remain dominant 

Shiba Inu price looks sideways within the flat/left and right range.

Buyers feel safe as SHIB price remains above the green zone of the super trend indicator.

SHIB's market capitalization is up 3.4% in the past 24 hours, topping $6 billion.

The cryptocurrency Shiba Inu has seen a small/short price drop. Unfortunately for the bulls, SHIB was proven wrong (or dismissed) at such a critical level over the weekend,

 the cryptocurrency has been falling ever since. The main support level is $0.0000010, and SHIB may test it before trying to rise again.

 the price action seems to appear sideways within the flat/left and right range (bottom of the chart). 

Before the (popular thing/general way things are going) reversed, buyers (not long ago) retested the lower band from the lower band. 

the SHIB symbol/symbolic/token is now trading at $0.0001099 at the time of writing.